Jewellery care

Each piece crafted at Priyanka Khaitan Fine Jewellery, has been meticulously crafted with utmost precision and perfection to create radiant pieces of art and heirloom which is cherished for life, and passed onto generations.

We suggest few simple ways to keep your jewels as sparkling as new,


  • Handle your jewellery delicately with care.
  • Prevent high impact fall of your jewellery as that can bring about serious damage to the delicate linking of metals and breakage of softer gemstones.
  • Do not bring your jewellery in direct contact with harsh chemicals and flame. That can impact the polish of the jewels and the aesthetics/life of gemstones.
  • Do not swim/shower with your jewellery on.
  • Do not apply perfumes/colognes/lotions/itrh/oudh after wearing your jewellery. It tarnishes the jewellery and has adverse effect on the gemstones.


  • Every piece at Priyanka Khaitan Fine Jewellery comes with the suede storage and travel safety pouch which ensures safe and secure storage of your precious jewels, even while travelling. We advice you to either store your jewels in suede lined Priyanka Khaitan Fine Jewellery boxes or in the Suede pouches with separate enclosures that come along with the packaging.
  • Prevent frequent contact between the pieces to avoid scratches on the surface.


We would love to take to help you take care of your precious baubles. Do bring it back to us in case you want to have it cleaned by us.

In case of any loosening or damage of mechanical parts such as links, locks, clasps, safety clasps, safety locks do get in touch with our team at, or Call/Whatsapp +91 9910663108 . We would be happy to assist you take care of that.

Hope you enjoy wearing our jewels, as much as we love creating them!